We offer a variety of wax's for all vehicles, paint types and colours. Different waxes offer a varying degrees of protection and shine/lustre at a large variety of prices.


Paste Car Wax

Paste car wax can be repeatedly buffed and shined in order to keep the car looking at its peak. In order to use this kind of car wax, you need to fully prepare and then detail the car. You should also know that even after all that buffing, this car wax will only last for around 10 weeks before it needs to be reapplied. On the plus side, a paste car wax will give you the best appearance and make your car look like a classic. On the downside, it takes a lot of effort, and the paste car wax is not as durable as some of the liquid waxes.

Liquid Car Wax

This type of car wax is the one most members of the public are familiar with. There are a few advantages to this kind of wax, including ease of use, and durability, with some liquid waxes lasting around six months. This kind of wax is the most durable of the types available, so if you are looking for something quick and hard-wearing, this is your type of wax. On the downside, the shine produced is rather glassy and cheap, and the wax is slow-drying, so you will have to take your time to wax the car on a dry, clear day.

Spray Car Wax

This is the quickest method of applying a car wax, and is useful for those who have just bought a brand new car, as it will dry quickly and help to keep the paintwork in mint condition. It is not as durable as a liquid or paste wax, and magazine reviews give this kind of car wax ratings well below average, due to its poor wearability. However, as a temporary measure for a new car, the spray will do a good job of preserving the look and color of your new car. This is a good wax to use if you want to keep the look but don't have another car waxing option available.